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June 2015 – October 2016

Since our last Church Anniversary and Homecoming celebration, God has added seventeen new members to our fellowship: eight have come on their Christian Experiences; six have come as candidates for baptism; and three have come under watch care.

During the past year, the Lord has called from labor to reward five of our members. Brother George Thompson, Brother Anthony Amado, Brother Clarence Thompson, and Deacon Robert McFrazier who served as Superintendent of the Sunday School for many years and the chairman of the building of our Fellowship Hall until its completion and dedication. Most recently He also called Deaconess Zeffer Haggerty to her heavenly home.

The trustee ministry has completed many projects during the past year. New doors with panic bars have been installed in the entry way, on the west side, the north side and the south side of the church building. Several members have received training in operating the A.E.D. machines. A 45 slot mailbox has been set up outside the secretary’s office. A new color copier has been purchased. Rooms on the north and south side of the pulpit have been renovated. The room on the north side is now dedicated to the Technology Committee and the room on the south side is dedicated to the Deaconess for preparing communion. The middle section of the parking lot has been repaved.

In the Fellowship Hall, new phones were purchased for the kitchen and one of the classrooms. A panic button has been installed on the northwest door from the kitchen.

The Community Outreach Ministry was begun under the leadership of Sister Lisa Davis. This ministry has shared in the community in the following ways: They have provided Bingo fellowships at the Legacy Nursing Facility for their clients. They participated in the Angel Tree Project which provides Christmas gifts to the children of parents who are incarcerated. They set up a tent at the Juneteenth celebration where they handed out information on worship services at the church along with a bag of various items. They conducted voter registration after morning services. Initiated a Water for Flint project in which 25, 000 bottles of water were collected and delivered to Flint, Michigan.  An All-Male Fashion Show was held and the cost of admission was school supplies to be given to the students at Highland Park Central Elementary School. They sponsored a Black Lives Matter community meeting at our Fellowship Hall which was well attended by community leaders as well as people who live in the community. They spearheaded the National Back to Church Sunday observance.

The Technology Ministry continues to infuse more technology into our worship experiences. The church Wifi has been upgraded. In the Media booth a high stool, a CD recorder, a stand for the laptop, and two chairs have been added.  In addition, two 12” monitor speakers have been added; two universal articulating mounts have been installed; two column array loud speakers and sub woofers installed; one amplifier and one hot spot added. A video cable was installed between the sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall to allow the services in the sanctuary to be seen and heard in the Fellowship Hall.  Copies of DVD’s or CD’s are being distributed to our sick and shut in members.

God has so richly blessed this body of believers known as New Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church. As we continue to serve Him, worship Him and witness for Him, we look to Him for direction in what He desires for us to do. We continue to thank Him for what He has, is and will continue to do in the life of His church. May we increase our light on this corner as we strive to serve His people in this community.

Prepared by Church Historian

Sis. Barbara J. Davis



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